A new Ta Moko / Tattoo

We all spend a lot of time planning our next piece of tattoo work,  who will be the artist,   what artwork piece you want and where will it go?
But do we put as much effort into the aftercare of our new tattoo?   Keeping in mind this is a big investment, and at the end of the session you now have an open wound.   A tattoo is an opening of your skin,   so you really want to consider how to care for it to avoid complications including infections and prolonged healing.

What’s the norm and is there a better product?

Different artists will always give you varied advice, but generally they will cover your work with glad wrap,  unless of course it is on your face or an area that cannot be covered.   Then they will sell you a cream that is likely bepanthen or something vaseline based.
But what if I told you there is a better way to care for your tattoo?
How about a cream that is made from natural ingredients that is specifically made to:

  • Keep out infection.
  • Eases the discomfort.
  • Heals quickly.
  • Eases the itch.

By using Mahu Skin’s natural repair cream means you have a premium quality product that will keep your skin in optimum condition and repair your artwork.
Mahu will soothe and repair every time,  keep this on hand to apply immediately to keep out infection and ease pain.

Natural Ingredients for you

Our natural skin care products are made from premium essential oils sourced from here in New Zealand and overseas.     Some of our key ingredients include Rosehip, Manuka, Vitamin E, Tamanu and Lemongrass.
Our selection of essential oils are known for their healing properties.   The boutique batches and quality of our ingredients will give you 100% results every time it is used.

What size will I need?

Our Mahu Skin comes in three sizes, 65g (largest), 30g (medium) and 10g (pocket sized).
Most of our clients purchase the 65g for at home, and the 10g for on the go.  When your 10g is empty, fill it again from the large 65g jar.  We call our 10g pocket sized the mini Mahu!

How long does the cream last?

We guarantee our cream is usable for 12months,  however being a natural product,  we have had clients use it for 3 years!

Natural Repair Cream

Formulated with only natural essential oils.
To nourish and heal your skin, use our Mahu Skin natural products daily.

Hydrating Serum

Formulated with only natural essential oils.
To nourish, moisterise and heal your skin, use our Mahu Skin natural products daily.

“Mahu Skin Cream is an amazing all natural skin repair cream. Full of natural essential oils, pure oils and healing vitamin blends. Great for dry, dehydrated, sunburnt skins, eczema, burns, irritation, redness… basically a little magic potion in a jar!
I use daily under my moisturiser and once per week as a mask, also a great night cream for the men out there. Everyone needs this cream.”

Trish – Strike Beauty

Mahu Skin Natural Repair Cream has many uses,

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Our Mahu Skin range gives you the natural care for all your first aid requirements.
Our natural ingredients are known to soothe, repair damage and calm skin inflammation.