Peaceful Sleep

Mahu Skin Peaceful Sleep is a pillow spray created from essential oils Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary which help to ease away your stress allowing for a peaceful transition into sleep.

Our carefully chosen essential oils which are known to help with relaxation and increasing deeper breathing, means a quicker transition into sleep.

“Mahu Skin Cream is an amazing all natural skin repair cream. Full of natural essential oils, pure oils and healing vitamin blends. Great for dry, dehydrated, sunburnt skins, eczema, burns, irritation, redness… basically a little magic potion in a jar!
I use daily under my moisturiser and once per week as a mask, also a great night cream for the men out there. Everyone needs this cream.”

Trish – Strike Beauty

Battling anxious Minds

MAHU: to be healed
“Ka pania ki te rongoā i tētahi wāhi ka mahu”
“The ointment was applied on one place and it healed”

Formulated with only natural essential oils.

Mahu Skin Products have many uses

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Our Mahu Skin range gives you the natural care for all your first aid requirements.
Our natural ingredients are known to soothe, repair damage and calm skin inflammation.

To nourish and heal your skin, use our Mahu Skin natural products daily.